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Muddled mop heads

He drew a finger

In the burning sand

This X, says he,

Joined by his crew

Is the putative site

Of our retirement shares

Not to be split

Until as ancient pirates

Our roving days are done–

Aye, they seethed

With stench & ugly scars

With eye patches

And wooden  legs & lost fingers…

So dig deep, ye scoundrels,

And mark the mountains

And the azure seas:

For here lies your future

When creaky with years

We circle back slowly

For one last dig

Your very own graves:

What the land lubbers call “retirement”

And we call the black spots, the end mates.


End is Nigh, You Cutthroats!

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Surreal Absurd Madness!

A naked man chasing a naked woman

Followed by dogs & cats

And (don’t forget) three naked children–

Actually Word came down

Escapees from Eden…

But No!

A Biblical scholar corrected…

The nude family headed West

From the Land of Nod,

East of Eden to be precise

In search of a free picnic & speedy camel!

Breaking News! The White House claims

The Democrats are sneaking in nudists

from the Southern Borders to win the next

Election. Troops are massing to arrest all nudists

With Camels and free picnic food. Stand by

For Naked Cat Herd Chaos: up dates along our sacred Rio Grande.

“Oh the Horror of it all!!” the President screamed to Fox News anchors.

Ready for launch, total attention.

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Twas an antique time

Of pendulums & springs

Of measured metrics

Of hands fragile in arcs–

Definitive gestures

Gave solid proof

Evidence was mountainous

Pleas were entertained

And the guilty suffered

While the innocent sang

Sweet songs of loyalty.


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Before we go now

Expect much

Look upward

Steady gaze

Stick to your furrow

The clouds say

In striations

Shadowed with rain

Dark & heavy

The fingers that raked

This timely message

Are strong, claw-like

But manicured nails,

God has time for a manicure

And wears a floral wreath

In unisex fashion

Elegant & fastidious.  

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No one said a thing

The moment came & went

Like surf against rocks

The sea is big–

Very big!

So we on the shore

We are not afraid–

We have known storms

And retreated to higher ground.

Still fishing, mending nets

Fair weather we return

To the swells under blue, over blue,

Silver fish dart into nets

We sing songs,  pull oars,

Rest easy.

Day’s End, Coming Ashore

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Cross examined at length

I confessed to it all:

The owrds made no sense

But the attention was magnetic,

No twisting of fingers

No gouges in the eyes,

Just absolute obedience,

Was my end-all effort

And for my pains

They brought cups of water

And towels to wipe my face–

Scream now, they shouted,

And thespian that I am,

Bellowed out ersatz agony.

Oh my god! I cried,

Wringing my freed hands,

Eyes shut I rocked my chair

And cursed Heaven & Hell,

And when the door shut

I peeked to see my compatriots

Staring, pointing at my shame.

So much for embracing the legal truth!

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Irises White and Blue

Clover planted fields

Down to the sea

Our brakes held–

For now…

Swerving past homes

Decorated for spring flings

Your letter press on the porch

My plastic man & woman

Entwined by the culvert

Cheap blow up dolls

Upon cursory inspection

But your books

And my people

And the wandering souls

Like paid zombies

Staggered to and fro

Avoiding censorship

While you and I found

Your ultra holy blue Buick

A new love

Robust as this ocean spring.


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