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Thirteen Enigmatic Tales: A Baker’s Dozen (forthcoming on Amazon)

Note: These thirteen tales are currently available for sale as singles on Amazon; see listing at author’s site: Amazon Author Central:

Thirteen Enigmatic Tales

A Baker’s Dozen


Jim Stallings

Thirteen Enigmatic Tales

A Baker’s Dozen

Copyright©2017, October

Jim Stallings, Author

Enigmatic Short Works

(12 tales originally published monthly

September 2015-

August 2016

as Kindle Singles)

[Baker’s Dozen, 13th tale:

Spy Letters of Comrade Chang,

Single originally 2017]

KDP Cover Design

By Author

This story is a collected work of tales.


Anton Chekhov

MaryEllen Beveridge


Table of Contents

Thirteen Enigmatic Short Fictions

A Baker’s Dozen


Mourners: A Tale of Death & Love

Dick & Jane: Tale of the Last American Boomers

George Atlas: Tale of Forbidden Love

Flashbacks: 16 Flash Shorts from Difficult People

Efficiency Expert: A Tale of Poetic Justice

Chaw for Uncle Rufus: A Tale of Poetic Justice

Home Movies: A Tale of Escape & Pursuit

Big Boots: Tale of a Child Liar

Scarecrow: A Tale of Transformation

Crop Duster: A Tale of Maturation

Cosmic Casino: A Tale of Poetic Discovery

Pipe Dreams: A Tale of Creative Escape

Spy Letters of Comrade Chang


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