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Poem: “My Old Friend”, fr. Notebooks 2003, Jim Stallings

My old friend

Lover playmate

Joy person

We skated

On the frozen canals

And drank libations

At parties on the shore

We hugged

We kissed

We united

Till your boat

Rock solid

In ice tied

We entered

The cozy warmth

Of naked embraces

Under your covers

Kept secure in arms

Loving smile

Tender laughter

Nights passed

In spring thaw

Freed from ice

We bade loving farewell

A kiss & a ring.

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Poem: “The Zombies Pounded”, fr. flash poetry notebooks, Jim Stallings

The zombies pounded

At the doors

Pressed ugly faces

To double pane windows

They stripped naked

Humping rain spouts

Splashing in the bird bath

They ate the arbor vitae

Like tossed salad

Poked sticks up their asses

And raced about the lawn

The police fired

Rubber bullets

Canisters of tear-gas

Brown outs of stun guns

And still the zombies

Cavorted about our American Dream

Our lovely suburban bungalow

Flinging themselves insanely

Against plastic siding

And air conditioners

Chewing off chunks of

Of  mid-size SUVs

Like just so much hard candy.

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