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Busting the Drought & Magical Thinking

The drought is extended and for real. Nasty business. Long days and nights with oven hot stale air. Dying grass. Withering trees. Animals scratching for drinking water. People too.

Our Solution: Visit the nearest Mexican market and find the closest thing to rain dance telegram to the gods of the sky who have forgotten us.

Good news is these rain kids are starting to work. Magical thinking & a ceramic huddle? Who knows. Fight the drought anyway you can.

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Haiku for August

8. Haiku August


August 1

What’s in the bushes,
Scratching around like a rake?
Come, show your rude self.

August 2

Yep, it’s hot as Hell,
My dog and cat exploded,
Guess it’s our turn next.

August 3

Publish and perish,
Cries of injustice ring out,
Babylon scribe blues.

August 4

Butterfly rescue,
Drowning in water bucket,
Brought safe to dry leaf.

August 5

That stuff made of green,
Everybody wants more,
But there’s just so much.

August 6

Cicada stopped by,
Left its body shell as gift,
Bon voyage, shrill one.

August 7

Scribes love written words,
Trapped on the page, frozen speech,
Readers’ job to thaw.

August 8

She had bright red hair,
Freckles like the Milky Way,
Eyes blue like twin lakes.



August 9

Green leaf far away,
Holds a golden frog so rare,
Her future is mine.

August 10

A guy is talking
Behind the trees out of sight,
He needs a body.

August 11

Composing emails,
Replies to rejection notes,
Thanks for wallpaper.

August 12

Monsters on parade,
Wrapped in their favorite flags,
Twirling tools of death.

August 13

“She’s a sweet lady,”
And the sisters nodded yes,
Suppressing big grins.

August 14

Eager to see you,
That look of fun in your eyes,
The laughs we will share.

August 15

Shimmering heat waves,
Scalding the surface of roads,
Leading to nowhere.

August 16

Jump on it first thing,
Get the hardest job done now,
Then kick back feel great.

August 17

Who’s minding the store?
All that wealth piled up for years,
Best bargains in town.


August 18

Clouds hung to rooftops,
Hush fell over all things green,
Mating sky to ground.

August 19

The ant bit her foot,
Clinging to her burning flesh,
Bad start to morning.

August 20

Clairvoyance, he sighed,
Useful seeing round corners,
Mirrors work as well.

August 21

A literal boy,
For weak blood ate iron filings,
And sucked on red clay.

August 22

His granaries filled,
Against the coming lean times,
Still, his fingers drummed.

August 23

No matter what is,
More troubles keep pouring in,
So recall good times.

August 24

Getting to know you,
Seven hot days one-on-one,
Felt like a lifetime.

August 25

What is Dark Matter?
Cosmic stuff that doesn’t shine,
Woof and warp of space?

August 26

Thirty-nine years same camp fire,
Suspended in Now.


August 27

Careful in Dog Days,
Tempers flare with ill deeds done,
Deep breath, walk away.

August 28

Clouds cover the sun,
Pretending fall temps have come,
Wait but a minute.

August 29

Hurricane coming,
Might hit coast and break the drought,
High price for water.

August 30

Washed up on the beach,
Drowned hope for endless summer,
Mouth-to-mouth too late.

August 31

Bothersome toadies,
Chasing the master’s shadow,
Getting underfoot.


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