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Multiple Listings: Real Estate Haiku

Printed from the web today

Sea view money pits.

Marginal life form

Wiggled from the sea in slime

Died on driveway in its prime.

Fell from roof today

Too cheap to hire a pro

Buried with discount!

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At the end of time, she had been Everything–She was released. She wasn’t he or she, it was both in complete Complementarity. That was completion, transgender. All dialectical oppositions and synthesis were obviated. Then, happiness. Zero. Nothing and Everything. This was Enlightenment–A gift of Totality in the Stream of particular current being: Life went on…but the struggle for ego was abandoned. No fear. No anxiety. Truth as joy, joy as truth. Happiness with sadness. Effulgent Clear Light. Edward & Melissa Banks, Seekers, a case in point.

Ed knew the road was there. Melissa knew her home called her. Ed coming & going. Melissa…sitting. She stared out the upstairs studio windows and traced the thumbs of the fall trees. Edward walked into the woods and found a boulder near the creek. He lay in a pool of sunlight and listened to the creek water gurgling around the huge white stones the size of six human heads or dinosaur eggs. His mind drifted  to work and the pile of projects incomplete. He couldn’t imagine anyone really cared, the weekend closing around him like a surfer’s thundering wave covering his body in bubbles of forgetfulness. Melissa felt the urge to move. She stretched out and lay upon her day bed and watched the sea of colors dance across the walls and ceiling. On the edge of sleep, Melissa and Edward in their separate spaces dozed into the liquid triumph of true sleep–where all thoughts and images blend into a wall of empty consciousness.

The fall was coming. The scarlet orange tinges of maples wavered in their mind’s eyes and somewhere near them was a gasp of all the sudden beauty and everyone with eyes can see the rainbow colors spilling over all the many artificial boundaries, illusory fences built by souls with journeys yet to make; and here lay Melissa and Edward Banks adrift in their Rowboats with nowhere more to seek for answers.

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Eh gads, a fur ball

Let the gagging begin

We’ve  won spit

Waiting on fairness

No, we take now

And hold the line

We act indifferent

Our snores are saw mills

The earth turns

But we are not impressed

Let celestial mechanics gloat

We have our own theory

Unifying petty ambition

We know the evil of desire

The acid memory of discontent.

Let the enemy wallow

In the muck of impatience,

We seek no remedy quick

Our anger turns to stone.

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