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Nolo contendere

Ipso facto

Corpus delictum

Regnius magnus

Vida longus

Ars brevis

Carpe diem

Tempus fugit

Divisa in tres partes

Augustus, Caesar, Pompey

Antonio, Cleopatra,

Brutus, e tu–

Via Romana

Mentes simples

Exilio Bosporo

Ten o’clock

Latin Scholar

School Dismissed!

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Me and my Troubles

How nice to ask

Because so little goes wrong–well–

The thorns & briars…

Indeed a martyr’s myth

With helpless devotees

Who look the other way

Seeing their avatar

Writhing in rejection

Despising hordes marching

With filthy flat feet

Pounding the roads

To my place of sacrifice

My latest revelation

In the miracle of print

Tossed on a bonfire

These apostates sangfroid

My blood in contrast

Boiling with revenge

Surely I will be rescued!

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Lessons from Griffith Park

Where ants eat your pants

And weirdos  link in packs

Where time stands still

As traffic circles & circles

An orange explodes

 A shower of droplets

Hits your distorted face

Mirrored in each one

Where children dress like adults

In cardboard shoes & brown suits

Where Frisbees float

Kerchief dogs fly

Your friends desert you

As you watch a drainage ditch

Like it was the Colorado

Twas made small, you say,

For the benefit of giants–

The sun is setting

Your ride is leaving

You gallop like an orphan pony.

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