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Haiku for December 2012



December 1

Stone cold atheist,
Death as molecular soup,
Served to universe.

December 2

Too much energy,
Packed into such a small space,
Hit the release valve.

December 3

Fire in the furnace,
Rubber soot blows through the vents,
Home owning loves us.

December 4

Grinches held hostage,
Surrounded by toy shop elves,
Will good times prevail?

December 5

Narrow-slitted eyes,
Peer into your open world,
Room enough for all.

December 6

Such a short time here,
But enough to annoy all,
And speed departure.

December 7

Your dreaming double,
Came with us to the night club,
Life of the party.



December 8

Lincoln worked the crowd,
Gathered on the White House lawn,
Cannon fire not far.

December 9

Leaves falling at night,
Animals moving about,
Their footsteps the same.

December 10

Can’t make up his mind,
About theories of blogging,
Too busy talking.

December 11

Cat sees cat in door,
Glass as mirror makes her shy,
Easing round corner.

December 12

Atop their bar stools,
Long-legged frogs told tall tales
Of fried plump humans.

December 13

Survival instinct,
Old urge to stick around town,
And eat groceries.

December 14

Unafraid of death,
Posed hat on heart o’er plot,
Manic grin in sunshine.

December 15

Kitty at screen door,
Talking up a mighty storm,
Baby possum tales.



December 16

Anger like lava,
Oozed red hot seeking revenge,
Burning all away.

December 17

Open the windows,
Air out the sickroom study,
Nasty scribe has passed.

December 18

Quick swoop of shadow,
Strangled crying of small bird,
Hawk’s dinner at dusk.

December 19

Final exam time,
Or lost on first day of class,
Endless dream cycle.

December 20

Garden of perfumes,
Sly smiles from dancers on clouds,
Alarm clock drills veil.

December 21

Big Exit is near,
In the chill we bundle tight,
Secrets slip our lips.

December 22

Have you missed something?
Cafe culture passed you by?
Still time for Starbucks

December 23

Where’s that sun done gone? Whole world’s turned cold wet pewter,
Eye searches for shine.



December 24

Thrift shop miracle,
Deep blue glass bowl found again,
Angels brought you here.

December 25

A light in the sky,
Message sent a long time ago,
More light this way comes.

December 26

Need a spirit ball?
Maybe a trilobite charm?
Step into my shop.

December 27

North wind blows hard cold,
We stand in the woods like trees,
Huddling till sunset.

December 28

Come on round for lunch,
Bring that good lookin’ gal friend,
Help spark up the chat.

December 29

Bird bath water froze,
Pair of doves wait on fence top,
What’s the big delay?

December 30

Glad happy buddies,
Posing for photos on dock,
Gang plank slips away.

December 31

Clanging chains of love,
Watch couples dancing down road,
Two step pain and joy.



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