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Just how much did we need to know?

A long silence beyond the lectern.

Chalk dust, errata in the trash,

Horse and buggy, new Oldsmobile,

Black and tan, garters, corsets,

Sea gulls on the wall

A lone fisherman in rain coat

Looked like the Riviera in the 20s,

A laconic comment from a tourist,

In bowler hat, linen suit,

Smudges on the 3-D curved photo,

Looked thru as three-dimensional

Ain’t life grand, some character said,

Can’t wait to get back to New York,

Start law practice, amass  fortune,

Don’t pull away, he said to her,

You’re in the family now–

No one leaves alive–

Everyone goes to Hillcrest

With the family name

And a ton of granite

On your heaving breast–

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Cedar Attack from Hill Country

The splash from the tap

The black death lung rattle

The sighs and mutterings

Draining of urine a duty

A might ah of gasping allergies

Stoical we rose weaving

Looking into our stupor:

A day off they called it,

Like an electrical switch

Electrons fuzzy with itching powder

Lounging about in invisible easy chairs

Fuzzy with invisible deadly death threats.

Show no mercy on cruel Cedar Tree Winter assaults

Murder against the Hill Country Invasion

Justifies full Flame Jacket attacks.

Let the low country victims of innocence seek brutal

Scorched earth revenge!

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Let us confer.

Bow your noggin

Wipe off that smile

Serioso aqui, entendes?

Look bulbous face

Snoz faucet drip

Your leaky days

Numbered like an old lottery ticket–

So, all said and done

Dip stick, foul stench,

Arrrghhh (or something)

Consider this a warning:

Man, woman, child–

Or pet no matter cute–

On the altar bedabing

You irresponsible toad

You wastrel in poison paint

Mimicking real life

Your body parts sing

For a sewing lesson neat.

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Measure me in light years

Beaming across voids

Unknown forever

Unwrapped in truth or lies

Incredible cosmic threads

Linking here with there

Long since forgotten webless

Now recovered as a torn patch

Come loose in shock

Bits and pieces but have no fear

For with love we repair

Loose ends, lost days,

Harmonies absorbed,

Lost ends, pointless infinities

Harmonies absorbed

Across galactic zithers empty

Plucking tunes of total indifference

Marvelous to hear in non-existence

Accounts of heroes and poets enchanted

By surging rays

Voices of ancestors free from time,

Nothing to share and nothing to do…

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Deny me not

Privilege to know you

Not through text

But flesh & blood

Real heat

Imagine our joy

When once done

This encounter repeated again–

But forsake your rules

Come to the door

And loose the bolt

So that I may materialize

Yes, put down the pen

And let me come in

Like in nursery rhymes of old

Trust in the interloper

Passion makes the best ink!

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A Thousand Hours

He poured into fifty pages

Into depths of myth & legend

Hammers struck metals

Sparks few at the forge

And Daedulus stood back

Admiring his labyrinth

Deep in its coils

Known only to adepts

The secret elixir golden

Distilled from Angel Breath

Where clouds defined

The omissions of mortals.

Oh give us this day

Our daily manna

And may poets all

Bow in honor

To artisans of equal effort

The pen moves on

The history is writ

Time consumes our art.

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So now, Soul Wanderer

What will it be?

Life & Death Fizz

Or maybe a Vodka

The Skull Cracker

We’ve got a special three for one—

Absinthe & Wormwood

Literary gut eater

Full of envy & spite

Keep you fit & snarling

For them Battles of Books–

Oh, just a cold one then

Chilled bear piss

And porcupine extract

Adds that dark bitters

Goes so well with ex-pats

And the Euro café scene

And don’t forget

A hand grasp of pine nuts

Straight from the Isle of Lesbos.

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