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Cedar Attack from Hill Country

The splash from the tap

The black death lung rattle

The sighs and mutterings

Draining of urine a duty

A might ah of gasping allergies

Stoical we rose weaving

Looking into our stupor:

A day off they called it,

Like an electrical switch

Electrons fuzzy with itching powder

Lounging about in invisible easy chairs

Fuzzy with invisible deadly death threats.

Show no mercy on cruel Cedar Tree Winter assaults

Murder against the Hill Country Invasion

Justifies full Flame Jacket attacks.

Let the low country victims of innocence seek brutal

Scorched earth revenge!

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Let us confer.

Bow your noggin

Wipe off that smile

Serioso aqui, entendes?

Look bulbous face

Snoz faucet drip

Your leaky days

Numbered like an old lottery ticket–

So, all said and done

Dip stick, foul stench,

Arrrghhh (or something)

Consider this a warning:

Man, woman, child–

Or pet no matter cute–

On the altar bedabing

You irresponsible toad

You wastrel in poison paint

Mimicking real life

Your body parts sing

For a sewing lesson neat.

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