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Without Notice Grump’s

Cruelty became circus reality. 

Mothers stopped crying

Babies wore helmets

And fireproof clothes.

Priests donned Kevlar

Dogs with flares

Cats with night goggles

And men in lethal arms–

Oh they gritted teeth

And lanced purple boils

Exploding off pale skins,

Exposed to toxic rain.

Apocalypse Now & Tomorrow,

No longer green lite money makers.

Life was lived

With grim sadness,

Only the dying

Dreamed of cosmic hope & laughter.

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The Ride came to an End

Over a bumpy road

Near a beach front

Lined with old cottages-

Fattened poets

With silk hair

Like golden corn

Sat on porches

And smoked cigars

Of strange tobaccos

While mobs of bathers

Rode the blue white waves

Like schools of fish

Seeking legs & voices

To counter the poets’

Cynical descriptions

Of their clumsy art


Neptune’s naughty creatures.

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