Daily Archives: December 22, 2018

Does it matter, mates?

That we’re still here?

That others know

What we have done

When making our mark

These thoughts blink

Like light house signals

Through a foggy night

When sober types lie

At anchor in quiet ports

And silver fish dance

Beneath our slim ships

Haven to weary souls

Mirrored sky bound memories.

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Could I dowse you in sacred oils?

And slither over your terrain

VAlleys deep

Hillsides steep

Full mountains

Rounded peaked perfectly

My journey is swift

Slip sliding every contour

Thrilling to gravity’s pull

I accelerate my journey

Our voices uniting

In a crescendo of delight

As my goal rises & sinks

Deep in furrowed valley

I lay me down to rest

Into moaning waves of deep curves

Anything, I gasp,

For the seductive arts of cartography!

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