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Been down this road…

Years ago, years & years.

Don’t think I’m known,

Just a peddler with a pack

A cliché seen over & over

Heads barely nod,

Sun casts a cold shadow,

Sharp edges to old designs,

My shuffle keeps me going,

I’m never certain what to say

Since nothing is required

I keep my silence in Dog Patch

And they let me Be–

Can an old troubadour

Expect much better, eh?

I think not, sons of The Dusty Road.

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‘Neath leaf with rain drop

Like tears on a face

 The forest dissembles

Before the stranger’s gaze

A thousand fleeting shadows

Escape from our fearful minds

All to serve some god

Only forest folk might know

And e’en then fitfully,

Like memories long escaped–

Fingers trembling still

We part the path darkly

Entering with beating heart

The long unknown secret

That each one must

Preserve the enigmas of nature.


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Just barely the boom of time

Reaching straight-up!


Collapse of all vain efforts—

Restart the Soup, as daily prescribed,

Of This & That, On & Off–

The great thing

That no one knows

Let your tears spill

Like Niagara

From one thundering lake into another—

Blue Placid Getaway gone wrong

Still hoping to rescue Marilyn Monroe

From her cruel goddess death

At the hands of an affair gone bad…very dark

And begs the question,

Can’t we retype the script & save her

From Time’s Booming Stage Exit Death?


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Tired business

Shovel & rake

Rope & tackle,

Boat, cement, gloves

No amenities, cheap gas,

Palmettos & snakes

Bugs, flies, ticks

Blistering sun…

Lost my way

Car overheats

Disposal done

Dirt patted down

Gator on the bank

Picking teeth, marking time.

In another eon

My words crumble

I now forget

The brush closes in at last

Mission accomplished.


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Oh, he was angry

Blood boiling, speechless, eyes bulging

Incoherent  growls,

As hand ax finishes off victims

No mercy, spattered brains

Viking madness sweeps the village,

Take women & children, gold & silver,

Smash idols, loot, rape, kill,

Return to ship on beach,

Wave rider, sun setter,

Die, demons, die!

So we can thrive & conquer!

Old Retired Viking

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At last the rains…

For thirsty flowers

And grasses tall

My friends the birds

Open their beaks

Catching drops for treats–

The maple sways

And wets its leaves

Letting rain reach ground

And spattering dry soil

Where a host gulps

Blur of wet green

Darkening under sky

Subdued by clouds

Laying low o’er souls

Also thirsty

Mouths cracked

By too long waiting

The tears of the Goddess’

Lips forming wet kisses

Of love & gratitude.


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You Heard Me–

The first time

All’s well

I am good

How are you?

Please answer

As they say as

Time permits…

God bless you & yours,

Ships at sea

And anyone

Not mentioned

In this card.

Farewell, friend,

The long road calls…

Tempus fugit!


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I won’t be back

Other roads

Other rooms

Other voices

All calling me–

And the first year–

Listen now–

 For the last time

This message as plea.

Long contemptible,


In the Niagara of talk–

That first year–

My gift: That first year

My gift: yes, silence–

Glorious emptiness

With quark & snark

And all manner

Of beastly creatures

Dancing spinning

With my finger

On the mute button. Verdad–


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All told he knew Nada

But requests kept coming,

His mail box spilled ink

On paper in curious characters

Riddles seeking answers

And thankfully in defense

My conundrum patterns

Captured in hermetic code

Kept the panic of ignorance

At a distance thought safe

So sane minds kept their caps

And muddled models in chalk

Brought salaries to the wise wizards,

Who found safety in Nothing

And Everything!

So it goes, Royal Cone Heads!

So it goes, Royal Cone Heads!

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Well, there it is…

Defiance as pleasure

No excuse offered–

Silence & sadness

Anger & tight lips

Jabber & jaw

Get off my back

I’m a well human

Until spotlighted ill,

No one listens

So let us freely speak

And enjoy the pleasures

Of our all too human failures–

Mostly we just chatter & chew the daily gossip.

“Mostly we hear the daily gossip….chatter and chew with impatience…”

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