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Resurrection from the Bedtomb of Social Media, Writing & Publishing

Mea culpa. Returning to the blog after a long journey in social media, new writing, e-book publishing, contest entering, new writing, new editing of old writing…

Yes, the narcoleptic like voyage of a submarine running silent, running deep…

I cannot promise this won’t happen again but I have finally surfaced for fresh air and I know by now I’m talking to myself. Well, that’s the fate of self-published writers generally but it’s also the future of indie publishing: the freedom to do what you want and when you want it to make an appearance.

After a morning of social media, tweeting, for example, it’s a bit hard to steer around and return to longer sentence blog island. But now I realize as a novelist, even asĀ  short story writer, even as a rambling essayist, by golly, it’s nice to have a place welcoming more than 149 characters. This isn’t a complaint. It’s simply great to have a choice.

So, this is to say, hello to any phantom soul out there. I’ll be back with more writing but I want first to highlight the twelve books of fiction now published, four new titles published in 2011. More on that journey to come. Let us now praise the ebook revolution and the remaking of publishing into an author centric reality. For now, check out my publishing website: top four titles published in the past 9 months or so.

I’ll be back with more ramblin’ prose. Thanks for dropping by.

Also, see the twitter world of compactness at Twitter:



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