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Like rain on the roof…

The words fall on the brain,

Exploding into parsed fragments

That I struggle to mend

With tape, glue & staples:

Chuck-a-luck bozo,

Faux paint Big Big Show,

Clown Dancer on pine

Boards flexing sunsets

Lost in the Midway

With my alphabetic fools.

Talents Assemble

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My Life is NOT Mine…

I bounce between atoms

Who have a need

And secretly despise me.

Especially with fame or fortune;

They love my high bounce

And cheer my descent

Into the pit of failure–

If I achieve a higher state,

They deny–

Begging the question–

How goes energic friendship?

I know not its true name,

And certainly never know its final cosmic face…

Higgs Boson
In the House!

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Leave me the night light…

I’ll find my way to bed,

The car’s parked aslant the berm

My foot steps heavy fall

From a stolid giant too full

Of grog squeezed from plants.

Harbored all snow time

In dank cellars where babbles

The rivulets of song from soil

Black with yarns & scalds

Runic marks and flesh scars

Of mighty battle heroes play,

To entertain the gods

Oh celestial mead

Too long feasting

So comes the call for war.

Winter Flames Get Even

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Stinging feet,

Bone tired.

Head jerks,

Ineffable tedium,

Never ending tasks:

Money nicks,

Blood flows,

Blanching heroes leaping

Into the battle.

Don’t think!

Move! Move! Move!

Ah, uncertain Victory!

By golly, YES!


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Grant me, Oh Cosmic Lord,

An access to infinity

That I may applaud

Thy Mighty Works

Throughout the Cosmos;

For surely Human’s work

Upon this amazing Orb

Is but a gift of life

For the fulfillment

Of Eternal Designs,

Long since etched

In a Great plan

Of universal unfolding,

The mighty theatre

Of unknowable Ambition.

Let your Hand guide Ours

In this Glorious Handicraft.

Mother Ocean’s Embrace


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Winsome Lass

Atop a hill

Sun drifts in patches–

She looks my way–

Tilts her head,


Beckons with index finger

Bemused, she bends:

She bends

To a kiss of encounter

From her neck

The perfume of youth

Allure of every gene

Calling me to duty

That I knew too well–

Judge not but relinquish

To the wind off the hill.

Surreal Attractions

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So, there it is–

The bald truth

Hideous in its way–


As blind to truth,

A blink, a shudder.

The opposition denied

The slaying of vigor

And difference–

The block against love

A crow caws

Across the snow

From a tall conical fir,

Its beacon measures

The exhaustion of ties

Come sunset, a last

Twilight roosting–

Blue Twilight Roosting

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