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Summer’s best was

Yet to come

Bordered by rain & fog

Trees shimmered silver

In the forgotten woods

Where once we walked

Hands entwined in spring

Blossoming’s delight

We pressed together

In thickened bower

Like Adam & Eve

Our breath labored

In the act of creation

Our voices soft

Our hands trembled

And no snake coiled

About our apple tree

Poisoning the fruit

Of knowledge and joy

The woods moaned

In pleasures un-recounted.

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Furious Impatience

Hatred red-eyed

Death to dummies

Enough of kindness

Courtesy earns no respect

Full body armor

Fist of iron

Judgment Day

Die crying in warm piss

Wallowing in excuses–

Too late for a second chance

The squeal of justice served

Bothersome vermin

Obstacles to the New Road

Removed in a Final Solution

Scorched from Soil

Like Red Ant Armies

Gassed with flames

Searing debris

Blown by History’s Winds

Into Whirlwinds of Ashes.

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Never came up…

The thing we avoided

Respect for privacy

I’m not so sure–

The sun was blood red

Swallows ate the air

Someone inĀ  a dark doorway

Spoke my name

But gave no reason

Idleness like fine dust

Put us into chairs

Under banana trees

In a jardin with high walls

Along which glinted shards

Of glass razor sharp–

Lagartinas skated stucco walls

And a melon rotted in open sun

While flies gathered in clouds

Dark like blindness

My breathing grew slack

I waited but no one came.

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