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Poem: “Riposte?”


He has none.


Like a mackerel

No patience for rhetoric

Or debate or grammar—

His notions are minimal

No equation buys

Him security now.

His fingers tap out

Code no one knows.

Alone, he smiles,

Then gasps for breath.

There’s no exit

No apology possible.

Prepare the altar.

We have our meal.

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Poem: “She Looked for Signals”

She looked for signals

In words, numbers & clouds

Or how the day unfolded

What things right

What went wrong.

Her nose flared for odors

That gave away sin

Troubles with parings

Deep in the trash bin

And never forget the sink

And its dark hole’s descent

Even sparrows atop

Might be sucked down below.

All considered for a day

Her vigilance kept death

Way past her front door.

We called her mother.

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Poem: “So Easy” (Happy Anniversary, No. 42!)

So easy

Everything came

Off like a pop top

E-Z screw cap

Push button


Tear here

Spring loaded

Down & turn

Clockwise, wait,

Counter time

Oh, contretemps.

Hellfire my knuckles

Blazing abrasion

Banging the counter

Cursing the Designer

World of packages

Goods withheld in safety

Even Tantalus was impressed.

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Poem: “Best Do What”

Best do what

They tell you.

It’s no mystery

You ain’t got a clue.

Look for hazards

And step lively

There’s a rusty nail

Under that leaf.

Your Mama warned you

And your Daddy swore

You’re short a full deck

And man do you snore—

Not to put you way down

Not to say you stink

But most folks get going

Cause you’re the missing link.

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Poem: “Tasting the Day”

Tasting the day,

The bread off the griddle

Hot coffee or tea

The squirrels at the feeder

Fat as chinchillas

Knocks on doors

Wind in the street

A man with a cane

Pauses, swivels—

Goes back

Whence he came

Clouds announce ships

Lofty with sails

Across blue oceans

Their missions never fail.

Who were you this morning

By night may be clear.

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Poem: “That Wrap of Cold Air”

That wrap of cold air

Like an undertaker’s suit

Misery as a failed straight

Sorry, bud,

Everyone’s a loser


So get used to the cold

And keep that smile fixed

The woods claim their own

But there’s always room

For one more sucker.

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Poem: “Touch Me Here”

Touch me here

Yes, on the wound

That never heals

Knee-aimed the arrow

Struck and bent me low

Still hobbling I keep apace

A world in disorder

Such a disgrace

So care for me.

This unending pain

Apply they love balm

As if to save a soul

Lost in unending grief.

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