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Never take this personally…

But I wanted you first glance

Coup de fondre, like a lightning bolt…

Zap! I was cooked, toast, smoking, baby!

Prisoner of sex and love

Weak-kneed & flushed

My words said one thing

Transparent as window glass

Lead me into temptation

A voice called the pilgrim

And I marched onward

With dusty bloody feet

And threw myself again & again

At your sacred bed

Only to slide off

Rejected confused forlorn

Even now my hopes arise

Through time to be surprised.

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Judge us by the weather

How the clouds drift in fleecy herds

Or massive ink wells, maybe mountains gold

Towering over plains with purple rivers

Cutting out continents, too, you & I can be blue

Empty as a cerulean bowl, a cloud wisp here or there,

Briefest reminders, yes, without fear

We stand together, before the darkening waves

Horizon breaking, crashing our shore…

Above all this news, from nature round

Says we embrace, whatever comes as One

So, let the Fates to blow wind blow—

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There there now!

Grief has no sting

The asp is lost

In the garden full

‘Neath leaves & twigs

Its tiny smile foams

Seeking not ankles fair

But toads & slugs

And all things dark

Known to slither & hop

Into slimy chambers far & wide

Where only evil

Dare in foulness reside–

Your step is strong

Your beauty prevails

Nothing corrupts

My sweet angel’s trail…


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Listen, Crazy Cats!

There it is!


Nails on wood–


Can’t find the key–

Do you know?

Where? How?

No more…please

I am simple & quiet

Will force the door

Spring you to air

Great bowl of blue sky

Never never

Go there or here…

Wherever, again!

Got your promise?

No? Really?

Then sorry for you!

Moving on–

I hear Nothing!



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Mr. Kitty & Friend Henry of Dubious Street Life

Let the court review the background of Mr. Kitty and friend Henry who had quite a long shared ride at the home of the family of adoption of these wandering street cats. This is part of the legal investigation of their activities in being adopted without proper papers. The sympathetic adoptive humans who took them on did what they thought would lead to a better life of these felines without papers or proper histories. It is hoped these preliminary notes will aid in finding a basis for an acceptable legal review. However, there are challenging research notes yet to recover. Street ruffians they were but their adoption and adjustment to family life with humans, inside or outside, resulted in a wide ranging social adjustments.    Continue reading

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Time tempered with waste

That extra motion unfounded

In theory a practice

Chips off the edge of the art

Descending into burnt dross

The specimen steaming

Lines of elegance marred

Tossed aside to try again

One start, one finish

Fit the standard or fail

No excuses, no seconds

But eye brimming water

Through exaggeration

And possible grossness

These orphans may rise

One overcast day trees leafless

And march en mass

To claim their place

Pushing aside beauty

And the idols of perfection.

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Lo, there they lay…

In a valley far below where silver creeks and lush grass

Painted an Eden for weary pioneers–

But there was no path nor animal trails

The rim stood tall like fortress walls and high overhead

An eagle sang “Beware to the living”

Which upon thought showed them a dream

Where angels dwelt and mortals begged

For merits unearned.



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