Jim Stallings & Lit Blog for Works-in-Progress

Hi, my name is Jim Stallings. I’m a fiction writer and anthropologist.

See my published fiction at my website and links to purchase: http://www.jimstallings.com

One of the things I want to do on this blog site is share works-in-progress…FICTION FOR FREE, you might say.

Currently being showcased: Poems from Notebooks, works-in-progress

Earlier posts include novel selections:

Difficult People is an adult storybook of nearly 200 flash fictions that I want to publish here online in serial fashion for free. Maybe later an ebook and hard/soft book edition will come forth. Flash fictions are short short stories written improvisationally, the equivalent of short jazz pieces. Note the “adult” modifier in the title; some of the difficult people in these tales take us into erotic, raw and troubled zones. Read on and enjoy. I welcome reader responses. A hearty welcome to agents, book editors and publishers looking for new material.

Another idea for the blog is to kick around ideas about writing and the writing life, what we might call the life and times of the scribe tribe.  This is just a continuation of a blog kept for several years at publishersmarketplace.com. Please feel free to write comments.

Literature is humanity’s deep gossip.

Don’t play what’s there. Play what’s not there. —Miles Davis  

One response to “Jim Stallings & Lit Blog for Works-in-Progress

  1. Donnell O'Brien

    Thanks for the link in your e-mail, Jim~ I think I’m going to enjoy this site! So far, it looks great!

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