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Mr. Kitty, Buddhist in last life, cat life 14 years today

in deep meditation on life with surreal humans. He’s currently composing his biography in contemporary global context. He is not optimistic for he future survival of the human race. He is preparing for his journey into the future and looks forward to passing over the Rainbow Bridge to advance his studies in the advanced realms of emptiness and fulness.

Senor Kitty, pre-flight jitters

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Has it been that long?

That you came to me

Or was it I mysself

Who first observed

Rules of attraaction

Like gravity waves?

Invisible lines snaked uncoiling

And drew us together

On a stage

Betwixt between

Goodness and evil

That smile of yours

The tongue on red lip.

LikeĀ a cat in meditation

Delighting in the scent

Of a juicy morsel,

Contemplation your skill.

Here in my heat

Taking what you needed

Guarding jelousies

Until lethal claws emerged

Like razors seeking revenge.

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Please bring me cool water

And dampen my face

Fever fires rage

Over lands of the blest

I’ve lost my way

My map was false

Wandering into swamps

Dripping with foul dreams

Abandoned by earlier travelers

Is that a sky of deep healing blue

Step aside & let me have a full view.

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Your Message came by courier

Delayed by treacherous storms

When read over closely

My heart sank with failure

Your journey runs counter

Across maps ingrained with heat

While here we bury against snows

The frontier is no friend to lovers

So another season must pass

The two of us composing paper missiles

Flaming arrows turning to ash.

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