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Did She Exist?

The paperwork said, YES!



As you ordered, Sir.


To control your excesses.

OH, Those!


And my demands?


I wear people out, she says.

Truth rings with a single note.

Why this curse of self-promotion?

Perfection expected as earned.

But oh so wrong, yes?

You can speak the truth.

Tease me, it’s my fate.

And I am your mirror of respect.

Thus your reluctance to speak out

Where learning fails,

While bad habits ensues.

All This Is Uncertain Affection

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A week of goodbyes & farewells…

Of knocks on invisible doors

Kisses and hugs

Misty eyes,

Ready, set go, dear ones,

At last we are only foggy images

Fading into paths of Stillness.

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The Word Was CAUTION

Be careful out there

Do you imagine the sun

And its shadow hide

The same truths

Day after day?

Or take the glance of your cat

Or the eye of a black bird–

Onyx shattering lens on the world–

Do they have an obligation

To clue you as to danger

Lying in a field of innocence–

A solid opaqueness

Worthy of art,

Say color enamels,

Think not necessity

Breathes in agreement

With knowing.

The silent, vital glance–

That humanity be our only gift.

The Children of the Future

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Oh Who Knows Anything?

Like a gang of rats charging around the house!

No real closure…

Just blasts of heat & light…

A kind of idiocy…

Adding up to Nothing much.

Numbness sets in

And weird people show up

And want to interview you

And your crazy cousins & enemies.

Nobody guarantees anything proper

To be published.

I haven’t any desire

To muddle onward with these CLOWNS!

Chaos RULES like Clowns without Big Shoes….

What could be more insane?


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The arrival re-arrived

Luggage worn

A strap missing

Money flies from the purse

Amazing expenses

To put together

A life once assumed

Steady as a large rock

Overshadowing your house–

Here no anchor as yet

Just the slap of waves

Against a worm eaten dingy

Pulled ashore on sand

That cooks under a sun

So much closer

Yet in our efforts

Our muscles tighten

Our skin browns

Our smiles brighten.

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Imagine A Hand

Waving like a magician

And every petty desire

Every bedevilment

Might be swept away

Like a magic eraser

Cleaning our souls

Of all these accretions–

Then imagine

This vast emptiness

Like a pale blue sky

Where happiness falls

To earth and quenches all thirsts.

This is the ending

Sought in all the books

The journey concludes

Then the buzz of silence…

The Buzz of Cosmic Silence

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Fatigue Is Only A Word…

But head snapping

Slurring of speech

Dreams dropping in your eyes

Supposedly wide awake–

This is something else.

Living between the waking

And the dancing dreamers–

Now we’re talking discovery–

What was once exhaustion

Is now another world

Where what you know

Accelerates to a tempo

Surprising in its ease

To find wild solutions

To impossible questions–

Like, why can’t I sleep?


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