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Fiction 2002-2016: Summing Up

Fiction 2002-2016

Jim Stallings

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  1. Tales for Commuters & Other Time Travelers (short stories)
  2. Neon Nirvana (novel)
  3. Hunters in the Fog (screenplay)
  4. Devil’s Hopper (novel)
  5. The Latest Bloodshed (novel)
  6. Getting to Know You (novel)
  7. Dispatches from Tumbleweed (poetry)
  8. Difficult People (short-short stories)
  9. At Witt’s Inn (twitter novel)
  10. Seltzer Lake (screenplay)
  11. Falstaff’s Diaries (diary-novel)
  12. A Necessary Woman (novel)
  13. The Long Road (novella)
  14. The Dead Shaman in the Garage (novel)
  15. Top of the Wall (pre-teen novella)
  16. The Entrenchers (YA novella)
  17. NKore’s Journey (novel)
  18. Boston Solstice Blues (poetry)
  19. Puddlestone’s 420 Cosmic Pilgrimage (novel)


Enigmatic Short Fiction Books: Monthly Series (in progress)

(Sept. 2015-August 2016)


  1. Mourners: A Tale of Death & Love
  2. Dick & Jane: The Last American Boomers
  3. George Atlas: Tale of Forbidden Love
  4. Flashbacks: 16 Tales from Difficult People
  5. Efficiency Expert: A Tale of Poetic Justice
  6. Chaw for Uncle Rufus: A Tale of Revenge
  7. Home Movies: A Tale of Escape & Pursuit
  8. Big Boots: Tale of a Child Liar
  9. Scarecrow: A Tale of Transformation
  10. Crop Duster
  11. Cosmic Casino: A Tale of Poetic Discovery
  12. Pipe Dreams: A Tale of Creative Escape


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