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Monthly Story Book Series on Kindle Amazon: First three in New Fiction “Enigmatic Short Fiction”

Author’s Comment: Plan is to publish a baker’s dozen short story books on Amazon, 13 months of original curious tales to entertain at least cost (99 cents each) and story available on smart phones, tablets and ebook readers for the busy modern reader who has a little time betwixt and between work and play readable in under an hour or less. I will update near the first of each month and clicking on the link will reveal its amazon page with free sample and story summary and purchase button. Reviews welcomed.

1. New fiction series, 1st release, (Sept) Enigmatic Short Fiction, MOURNERS: A TALE OF DEATH & LOVE; $0.99 Read on Any Device with the Free Kindle App

2.    New Fiction Series, 2nd release (Oct.), Enigmatic Short Fiction, DICK & JANE: The Last American Boomers; $0.99 Read on Any Device with the Free Kindle App

   3.   New Fiction Series, 3rd release (Nov.) Enigmatic Short Fiction, GEORGE ATLAS: A TALE OF FORBIDDEN LOVE; $0.99  Read on Any Device with the Free Kindle App

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