Daily Archives: December 14, 2018

To the business at hand…

Counting fingers & thumbs

Maybe pull in toes

Most plentiful–

Last time checked


Oh, yellow dog Democrats

On land and sea

They deliver the bacon,

Me, that is–

Poky on tip toes

Fancy steps & twirls

Top of me game

Watch me now

One glorious day at a time

Upon such wisdom

Empires were born

And there I am

In glorious neon

Pig in a Poke

A Smokey Bar-B-Q Drive-in!

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Nothing more to say…

But good bye, good luck

Watch you fade from sight

A new world of adventure

For you and me frankly

Celebrating my freedom

From rotten moods

Deadly silences

And muttered curses

Thankfully not joined at the hip

We limp into our own futures.

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