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What’s His Name?

What’s his name?

You know the guy—

Wears a green coat

Always in black sneakers

Hair out to here.

Come on,

You gotta help me

This guy he owes me

The one with the big nose

Kinda buck teeth

Little bit of a lisp,

Used to hang on the Common,

Skateboard & boom box

CD’s in a CVS bag

Filthy fingernails

Bopping his head

Like a bobble head doll

A real dude

Come on now,

Do like IBM

And think…


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Sand Sandwiches: A Fine Day at the Beach

The sky covered in a blanket of blue bruised clouds.

A beach above me. Over the horizon.

Blocking the sun,

Enough to take the sweat off the skin,

To threaten a chill as the sun sinks,

A long walk through the deer park,

Where through thick brush the white tail deer skitter in a line led by the youngest followed by mothering does and somewhat reluctantly by a slightly limping six point buck.

No reason to break from cover,

he probably grouses (should such communication matter in the minds of deer, almost unknowable like most of the transactions occurring on a daily wake up walk)

The blanket of blue clouds

like stuttering slaps of raised sand

footsteps across an endless beach leading to nowhere in particular.

I have no idea what to do with this invitation

but allow myself to breathe

and graze on energy with the rest of the herd

till full, lazy and seeking a nap,

under a bush, in safety obscured,

I forget myself and sleep,


That would  be a fine day at the beach.

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Change in Direction-Random Walks on Slippery Slopes

Not sure what I’ll write here. But as a novelist, story writer, poet, essayist, editor and book doctor, and anthropologist…and just a guy with access to the blogosphere whatever that is.

Thought…I’ll just do some occasional things here…on whatever suits my fancy?

My fancy? I think for now, Difficult People, the story collection is back in the lab for a rest.

Okay. So, today, at this moment that’s about it. I hope I can put up some stuff that’s a release from a planned program. Random walks on the slippery slope…of improvisation.

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