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Latest Published Novel, 19th Book: August 12, 2015: Puddlestone’s 420 Cosmic Pilgrimage: Book Summary

NEW: Puddlestone’s 420 Cosmic Pilgrimage: comic, sexually explicit, stoner on-the-road surreal trip across U.S.

Book Summary:  Puddlestone’s 420 Cosmic Pilgrimage is a comic, sexually explicit, stoner on-the-road novel with surrealist, existentialist and absurdist nuances driven by a picaresque and bewildering narcoleptic journey across the U.S. from Boston to Texas, and on to L.A. with stopovers in the southwest and Rocky Mountains and with immersive flashbacks to the Hippie days of the late 60s & 70s and ending in today’s Sierra Nevada Mountains at a Hippie novelist’s boutique cannabis dispensary and grow farm. Puddlestone is a creative writing MFA student searching for possible metaphysical links between contemporary findings in cosmology and particle physics and ancient Hindu Upanishad writings on the philosophy of emptiness and the origins of the universe. He hopes to compose his own American Upanishad poem from his pilgrimage in search of the keys to a cosmic casino.

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