“Zoo”, 172 flash fictionS, DIFFICULT PEOPLE storybook for adults


Zoo. Ahead. Park here. Ticket. 3.50 each. Leaves. Trees. Kids. Adults. Parrots. Wallabies. Wildebeests. Gerbils. Cotton candy. Gorillas. Macaws. Porcupines. Snow leopards. Giraffes. Peacocks. Zookeepers. Bucket. Hose. Shovel. Bathrooms. Lions. Zebras. Camels. Wart hogs. Ostriches. Coyotes. Snakes. Prairie dogs. Monkeys. Baboons. Salamanders. Toucans. Eagle. Seagull. Peanuts. Butterfly. Donkey. Duck. Snack bar. Bench. Cigar. Trash. Garbage can. Thank you. Antelope. Tortoise. Pheasant. Owl. Bat. Ant. Toad. Frog. Newt. Cell phone. Clouds. Plane. Cars. Golf cart.

That’s enough of the zoo, he said. Can we go now? Pigeon. Squirrel. Raccoon. Mothers. Babies. Police. Open up now. Mr. Gate…time to go. Animals’ eyes in his back, “Don’t forget us!” Crying. Come back soon. Zoo. Fence. Park. Car. Depart.

Look, there’s a peacock in full feather. Quite a display. Like in the movies. Real life. Plankton. Bacteria. Wash your hands. Push. Open. Close. No exit. Zoo personnel only. Danger. Nursery. Sign here. Wear a mask. It’s just a standard precaution. Pull up your hood. Windy. We’ll come again. Soon. Sticky food. Snotty nose. Rams. Ibex. Wolverine. Wolf. Beetle. Worm. Tarantula. Hippo. Crocodile babies…Zoo.

#fiction DIFFICULT PEOPLE 172 EROTIC flash fictions, Zen tales revealing destiny-imbued moments. Adult readers only. http://amzn.to/Po18v7


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