TROY: Flash fiction from DIFFICULT PEOPLE


          Achilles kept saying he was sorry about the Greeks at Troy, you know, the anger and wrath thing and the death of Patroclus–that’s a damned shame he maintained…but it’s really not me. It’s just my friggin’ name!

This confusion over names was frustrating and that’s when he changed his name to Archie, but then people asked him about Archie in the comics and some stupid mutt he went around with.

So, he changed his name to Aaron…and then folks started asking him was he Jewish, or maybe wanted to scoot up the alphabet a bit further…but he pointed out they were taking Aaron as a last name, when his last name was really Petroni–and somebody noted a Jewish Italian name seemed odd, Aaron Petroni, kinda Mediterranean schizo…

So he yelled at people…and the pop name was Achilles Schizo for a few weeks until he picked Carling Black Label at a Friday nite beer bust, and shortened it to Carl Black–

–and went to bed in a drunken stupor in a back bedroom down at the Cape and awoke in the sweaty arms of a blonde from Providence, Rhode Island, who said her name was Helen of Troy and was he her Hector or maybe that sleazy cute Paris and he said no he was Achilles and showed her his Trojan horse and stormed the streets of Troy and took Helen totally, like totally by surprise…

#fiction DIFFICULT PEOPLE 172 EROTIC flash fictions, Zen tales revealing destiny-imbued moments. Adult readers only.

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