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“Invocation to the Dawn”: Flash fiction selection from DIFFICULT PEOPLE

Invocation to the Dawn

Round about four in the morning, having emerged from the terra incognita of our shared physical mysteries, we stepped from our rented boudoir onto the deck, and wrapped in our blanket against the chill of the sea, watched the sun rise over the pewter green Atlantic lightly embossed with white caps and the glint of diving light off gulls caught in the fresh new day, and we smiled and laughed at this moment, our souls tingling with the hope of love, eternal life forever after and the vast generosity of nature, as sky earth and sea, and the affection of the dazzling elements in the champagne of earth’s summer vintage, a celebration of life, love, death and rebirth, and the miracle of our time together on an island, on a cliff, on a stage suspended in time and hope…

Our lips were one with the morning light, yellow gold fingers brushing over the headland, stroking the huddled pointed firs, their laced boughs swaying in the offshore breeze, the sparkling skein cast across the incoming tide, rising to the full, emptying with an eternal gasp into the narrow cove…

#fiction DIFFICULT PEOPLE 172 EROTIC flash fictions, Zen tales revealing destiny-imbued moments. Adult readers only. http://amzn.to/Po18v7

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