Haiku for Days of July

7. Haiku July

July 1

Edgar Allen Poe,
Life crowded with fevered dreams,
Came to rest in Death.

July 2

Cat hides in tall grass
Waiting for a brown field mouse,
Cat’s in no hurry.

July 3

Crepe myrtle blooming,
Mockingbirds sing jazz solos,
Night folds around us.

July 4

Bonzai called Haiku,
Juniper with ancient stone,
In branches small words.

July 5

Steady work does it,
Line by line the pages fill,
Then comes the critic.

July 6

Frogs love cooling rain,
Toads prefer a hot humid night,
Bugs sing them to sleep.

July 7

At end of the day,
Most embrace the Land of Nod,
Their shift in DreamLand.

July 8

Gotta make the bed,
And put away my clean clothes,
And take out the trash.

July 9

Ancient manuscript,
A long ago shopping list,
Stick with the basics.

July 10

He hears nothing new
But his absence from the world,
Old wound but no scar.

July 11

Along the Border,
Mexicans are burning fields,
Smoke signals fill sky.

July 12

I’ve read your e-mail,
It’s clear you love another,
I’m sorry for him.

July 13

Garbage man was rude,
Tossing our barrel in air,
Is there no respect?

July 14

Odd fellow he was,
Walking on hands feet in air,
His frown was a smile.

July 15

You band of brothers,
Scavengers of the first rank,
What is your appeal?

July 16

Take me for a ride,
Somewhere out in the country,
Dry creeks & sage brush.

July 17

Birthday for Donnell,
Gift of ear by way of Eire,
Cheers for O’Brien.

July 18

Woke up one morning,
With a whole new attitude,
Forgot it by noon.

July 19

Deep thoughts jumpy mind,
Flickering abstract paintings,
String theory is true?

July 20

So many new books,
Our eyes grow tired and blurry,
Treasure the classics.

July 21

Flowering trees pink,
Butterfly swarm golden brown,
White clouds single file.

July 22

No stranger round here,
Visits at least once a day,
With told-you-so grin.

July 23

Let us make a pact,
No more violence till death,
Giving life to peace.

July 24

Opened the back door,
Big spider jumped in the house,
No manners at all.

July 25

Let’s begin again,
Scratching at the mystery,
Tracing it in ink.

July 26

Rare in the big things,
But common in the smallest,
Spirit smiles with us.

July 27

Stray cat picked our house,
Brought no I.D. or luggage,
Professional bum.

July 28

Near the waterfall,
Lives a very old poet,
Surrounded by books.

July 29

Script a little weak?
Call Doc Whammy for rescue,
Heart stopping shockers!

July 30

Butterfly meadow,
Stag stares me down from tree line,
Heat boils thick green weeds.

July 31

Honor the new day,
Open a vein for red ink,
Dip quill deep for truth.


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