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Sample of Tweets: from Sunday, Earth Day, 4/22/2012

Jim Stallings@StallingsJim

#writing #tip #fiction When you want to know the general inner thoughts of a character, general rule of thumb, ask: what this person’s age?


#fiction Al Watson, retired dude: So much time, so little to do. Just walk around & eat groceries. No apologies. Worked 45 years. Earned it.

Jim Stallings@StallingsJim

#fiction Bob’s Bar off I-10: Jeremy Barfly nodded in his fav dark booth. “Nice thing about narcolepsy is you can take a cat nap anywhere.”


#fiction Isaac drove west for days toward El Paso along a borderland two lane tortured by blinding sun, heat & vengeful female dust devils.


#fiction On I-10 Jelly saw a roadside sign with his own picture on it. He looked twenty years younger & posed as the sheriff of a ghost town


John, thanks for the follow and best of pleasure in your writing career. JimS @johnrigbey


Thanks for the follow. Don’t know what you’re up to but best of luck. JS @tototurn


#fiction #writing Ted’s bent over a keyboard, his head swivels erratically trying to land on a pothole runway with a terminal w/out clients.


#Haiku for Sun Day: Meets somebody new, Along road tomorrowy, Best leave it alone.#poetry #advice #Japanese #17syllables

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