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Author Central Site: Current List of Books Published: http://amzn.to/AatpAl


Click on this link to see my books in print and other commentary. The current list at this time includes twelve works:

Novels: Neon Nirvana, Devil’s Hopper, The Latest Bloodshed, Getting To Know You, At Witts Inn, Falstaff’s Diaries,

              A Necessary Woman

Short Stories: Tales for Commuters & Other Time Travelers, Difficult People

Screenplays: Hunters in the Fog, Seltzer Lake

Poetry: Dispatches from Tumbleweed (Haiku poems)

Forthcoming: Two Adult Novels & A Middle Grade Novella

These works are essentially finished but are in final copyediting, cover & text design and marketing planning.

Hope to publish in 2012 before Mayan Apocalypse but then if it happens who will be around to read literature anymore.

It’s the 21st Century for many people but truth is many citizens of the world are trapped in medieval, ancient & primitive thinking. In fact, all these historical epochs and associated psychologies bubble through all our brains as potential worldviews. Count on a tough New Millennium with a lot of foot dragging into a liberated One World Society. In my humble opinion, we’re still tribal peoples in a global civilization in many ways beyond our control. Part of my journey in fiction is to explore through storytelling and the mythic imagination our still primitive natures. E.O. Wilson, the great entomologist (expert in ants), concludes ants are the most aggressive animals on earth, never not at war. Right behind ants in first place, guess which species is likely second in aggressiveness? Yes, you’re sadly on the right track to a wrong future of mutual abuse: homo sapiens: jokingly self named, “wise man”. Let’s face it, that’s hardly truth in advertising. And that’s no joking matter. Sometimes “fiction” is more honest & accurate than the dissembling of “nonfiction” with its ideological pre-assumptions. Keep hope alive for our species. Give peace a chance. Turn away from the knee jerk urge to go to war. That’s enough preaching for now. Let’s get back to storytelling. Thanks for dropping by.

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