Okay, I’ve Been AWOL

Just a short note by way of excuse for a coma like absence: fact is I’ve been busy writing and tweeting and trying to manage social media I don’t really understand. However, I’m muddling on here with an attempt to do longer pieces that don’t fit in 149 characters.

Here’s some good news publishing wise:

My adult storybook of 172 short fictions previously published in paperback has now emerged with the same title DIFFICULT PEOPLE in Kindle e-book format.

FREE SAMPLES are available from this collection of adult storytelling with a distinct blend of erotica without apology. Sexuality plays a central role in most people’s lives. Some of these stories are comic in nature, others more tragic, but all speak to the idiosyncratic natures of “difficult people” who give us unique pictures of human nature.  The opening of the collection can  be sampled free off of the Amazon.com site. Click this site link and take a free read and we hope you will download the entire book at the quite reasonable price of $4.99. Here’s the link:


A second adult storybook of short-short fictions (flash fictions) is planned to explore these karmic portraits in words.

Best to all readers of creative fiction. It’s not easy to stay on task sometimes but the joy of invention in words keeps us hopeful to do more uniquely rendered volumes. Thanks for touring this blog. In May we hope to dip into samples of other works now in manuscript.

See our main website of published works at:




Gracias, amigos!


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