“All in One Breath”–flash fiction, Difficult People

All in One Breath



          In the morning when her senses were fresh, when the wood in the house gave off a grateful aroma of wealth and satisfaction, when the cool air of autumn found her nostrils, when long forgotten flavors seemed to fill her mouth and mind, bringing back memories of days when the ache of living was fresh, brilliant, surprising, when certain combinations of sounds, as melodies and chords…

          she felt his loyal lips press against her fecund belly, the scratch of moustache, the heat and moisture of the oval of his devotion…

          and she felt then a total purpose to her life, as if the Goddess had meant for her to have this peculiar mix of sensations, gripped in the matrix of this life rich with pain, suffering, passion, joy and beauty and in this mystery she felt the effulgent coterminous nature of love and knew the limitless approach and ache of infinity…

          and somewhere a bell was ringing and voices murmuring and singing a song of praise to the moment, to the vast unknowing network of total involvement, and she drew in her breath and held him against her breast and prayed that somehow this moment might be suspended for eternity for her soul to worship and that her freedom from slavery to ignorance might be lifted…

          and she would have this memory vivid as the morning of creation when the world awakens in a symphony of sensations and she never has to deny or choose but be at peace in love like an innocent child…


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