“Oblivion”–flash fiction, Difficult People




          The result was much the same. Richard “Dick” Lessing couldn’t change. Philanderer. Divorced at last, past middle age, still almost fit, he was long gone on a conquest of women, young and middle-aged.

          His ex wife Kayla was glad to split the money and so long…Dick Man. With Viagra, health food, steroids, working out, the man was unbelievably pumped and horny. He was a rabbit, a goat, a pig, a monster of the permanent hard on in search of pussy, anus, deep cleavage or inviting mouth…or if all else failed…Ms. Joyous Fucking Pussy Hand. The eternal teen…high school with a sweaty balding spot.

          Kayla had finally had enough when she found his cache of rubbers in his home office, not even disguised. Then there was the ribbed condom floating in the guest room toilet. There hadn’t been any recent guests…but good grief, the Brazilian cleaning woman Elena?

          Elena had a nice ass, Dick admitted to Kayla, but Elena’s tits were too small for his taste. Kayla believed that bull until she found him humping Elena against the washing machine, both rocking to the rapid tempo of her precious Maytag on spin cycle.

          Of course she faced firing Elena, but that would hurt big time because Elena really was a very tidy housekeeper! But then came the damn-the-Dick crusher…Elena’s hair clip turned up under the sheets when Kayla decided to change the bed herself.

          And when she confronted Dick boy in his office, he was masturbating, groaning, pants around his ankles, having phone sex. Kayla burst in and slapped him and he began coming all over her legs and new shoes. She clipped Elena’s hairpin to his dick and marched out with a dramatic door slam.

          Even now somewhere out there Richard “The Dick” Lessing was fucking his brains out, happy in the oblivion of his climaxes. Kayla clucked, No envy wasted here.




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