“Out at Sally’s”–flash fiction, Difficult People

Out at Sally’s



          “I’m telling you, there’s something strange going on out on Beach Road.”

          “How do you mean, Jack?”

          “I was over at Smitty’s…looking over his old den, the one with the small window and almost a view of the Beach Road houses. I was working up an estimate to open that flat bunker glass into a big full window.”

          “You know this would make an excellent bar,” Smitty said as I measured the wall. “But what’s happening out on Beach Road?”

          I just shook my head. It was like a dream.

          “Come on, don’t tease me with beach gossip,” Smitty said and folded his arms, making him look like a bald headed genie in a tight tee shirt.

          “Well, I was over at Sally’s house, you know,” I told him, hoping he might have a clue, “just doing some odd jobs and you know how she’s not the greatest housekeeper in the world. I mean that day the surf was way up and I kept thinking, is it safe here? Something seemed real wrong. She was off in town get groceries…just me in the house; her and her boy gone and of course Clyde on the road as usual.”

          And here Smitty gave me the sly smile but I ain’t reacting ‘cause, yeah, Sally’s a very available gal, friendly, sexy with a body make you hard, flitting around that beach house property in her tank tops and short shorts, miniskirts and pinafores loose, no bra…and yeah, she’s been giving me some, casual like, just like passing the time of day and I ain’t ready to make that public to nobody…no sir…but Smitty was waiting for more…

          “Well, there I am fiddlin’ around in her kitchen and I notice there’s this smell…kinda not rotten exactly but like a greasy meat odor and I start sniffing around and start finding chunks of meat…steak-like raw hunks of meat, not big, just weird pieces under the table and there’s like a sticky coating on everything and suddenly the front door opens and the house starts filling up with people…first Sally with Clyde…who’s just come off the road and he’s looking at me funny and I’m wiping off the stove and making excuses and then these other tradesmen in town start dropping in and I’m seeing raw meat under the furniture…And get this, nobody seems to notice a thing.”

          “Jesus, Jack, that can’t be good. You sure you weren’t, you know, smokin’ whacky grass…huh?”

          “Hell no, man, I’m telling’ you, Smitty, swear to god, something’s weirder than hell over at Sally’s on Beach Road.”

          Smitty unfolded his brawny arms and held up his hands, light from the narrow basement window glowing off his hairy hands. “Let’s put this project on hold, Jack. You just killed my fantasies and I ain’t so sure I wanna be starin’ down Beach Road anymore.”




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