“Granger on the Loose”–flash fiction, Difficult People

Granger on the Loose



          Nobody knows the trouble Carol Wilson has had with her husband Granger. He just got out of the Dedham prison, stole a woman’s credit cards at Chestnut Hill Mall, bought some cocaine off a cash advance, got busted in Mattapan as a repeat offender, escaped into Canada, holed up with an exotic dancer in Montreal, ran off into the Far North hunted by the Mounties, apparently made off with a sacred whaling helmet of the Tlinglit Tribe on the Northwest Coast, snaked back into the U.A. under the assumed name of Tolbert Scott III, sporting cashmere and tasseled loafers and polo shirts with the monogrammed emblem of Twin Oaks, an exclusive Vancouver country club, resurfaced in L.A. at an auction and raked in $125,000 for the ugly whaling helmet, escaped just in time into Mexico, made his way with the infamous Garcia Brothers to Colombia where on a whim he leveraged the helmet money into ten million dollars American in residual cocaine and marijuana sell-offs, got about sixty percent flown into the American southwest in small planes, and after pay offs and bribes still pocketed close to six million dollars American, flew to the Caymans and safely deposited the bulk of the loot, got new identity papers as Albert Nanon, an odd name, a play on anonymous, settled briefly in Switzerland; opening a variety of legitimate investment accounts, flew Carol to Paris, met her for a whirlwind tour of Europe and the Near East, settled in Monaco, played poker and baccarat, and just last Tuesday choked to death on an olive in his chilled not shaken martini…please, no vermouth.




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