“Right On Cue”–flash fiction, Difficult People

Right on Cue



          Thunder and rain coming. She could smell its earthy perfume billowing through the lace curtains.

          Come here, she demanded and grabbed his penis and squeezed it until it was hard. He was standing up in the hallway of her apartment and she was hot for him. Her nightgown was see-through and her nipples were erect probing the filmy silk. She did a full squat and unzipped him and put her mouth around him—wet, hot saliva and those corn sharp teeth and the tongue working his head and shaft—mmm—he groaned and her hand cupped his balls, tugging, squeezing. Then she pulled off her nightgown and naked now crouched under him, letting his slick penis ride in the valley between her breasts–her long tongue snaking out to lick the swollen head, and taste its clear bead of juicy lubricant.

          Yummy, she said, standing belly to belly with him, now…do me on the kitchen table.

          Obediently he followed her sculptured zaftig curves to the kitchen. There she arranged herself across the table, back down, legs spread, feet on separate chairs. He walked forcefully between her full thighs and drove his penis directly into her, pushing to the hilt. She cried out and crossed her legs around his bare ass, flexing him deeper, harder with every stroke. She was smiling as he bent forward and kissed her hot lips, and then working down to her breasts, two swaying mountains of nurturing flesh. He sucked and fucked her on the table and finished off with a raving, gasping climax.

          Right on Mother Nature’s melodramatic cue, the summer thunderstorm swept by and rainwater gushed from the gutters.



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