“The Answer”–from Difficult People

The Answer



          Perhaps you’ve found The Answer. Maybe you carry it around like ancient ancestors carried fire, an ember kept alive in a clay vessel, fed tenderly like a hungry child, here with just the right tender. The fire was warmth, protection, cooking…the fire was life hard-earned. So, you carried it like a sacred duty. And I know you too well. You have the Answer tucked in your rucksack. You have confidence, faith, courage against enemies…life itself…opens to you, that jaunty bandy-legged bounce. I see it all. You have the Answer. The Riddle of Life solved. You know and you do not need to advertise. It’s all happening at the zoo and you are the zookeeper Emeritus. You are the world’s flower. You know what it all means. Be safe, have fun, I hear you shout to the crowds gathering each morning at your shrine. Be my counsel, a pilgrim begs. We have the Answer, you announce and the heads lower in beseeching your love and approval…Go with it, find the flow, surf the waves you’re given…A pause…the wind suspends its beating heart and life hovers in a a substitution of alternate realties. Is there one The Answer? Can we be happy in the broadest sense? Let well enough …you start to say…a hand goes up to block the glare of the sun. Is this the Answer: sudden fire, then blessed blindness?



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