“Jewel of the Rockies”–from Difficult People

Jewel of the Rockies



          Best remember, you’ve got a long ride ahead of you. The snow may catch you in the mountains. The boys here at Summer’s Peak…they got the idea last week of a pool, a betting pool, on whether the settlers up at Sunrise Valley made it through that avalanche ol’ Beggar Tompkins run across. Most of the bets are down for no survivors. Ain’t nobody gone up there for fear of the same. I been hitching pretty regular with Jewel L. She’s been a comfort over a long, mean winter. Many a night we’re a paired set under the goose down. She’d make a good wife if we ever get outta the prospecting towns and reached civilization again. Way I look at it, she’s such a pleasure to men’s eyes with that bounteous figure, my god, I’d spend the rest of my born days trying to fight off horny cowboys and roughnecks. She’s got that wild streak in her, tough as a tigress when needs be…and sure can be moody and touchy touchy. Believe me, this hard work up here is wearing me down. It’s mean and it takes down people…sickness, murder…Why more suicides that you can imagine…the great wealth dream exploding like the pistol ‘gainst their heads. Lad, I almost fled to religion this winter…down for three weeks flat o’my back, fevers, shakes, but you know. Who was there for me?

          My Jewel of the Rockies, yes sir!


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