“Old Love”–flash fiction, Difficult People

Old Love



          “Mother, you gonna shut those windows?”

          “Daddy, I thought you did.”

          “No, I’m not feeling good. Went straight to bed.”

          “Sorry, dear. I’ll close’m but you sure about that rain. I thought the man said the folks on the coast.”

          “We’re on the coast.”

          “Well, I don’t think fifteen miles would qualify as on the coast. Maybe kinda near…”

          “Now, everybody knows we like most folks live within a hundred and fifty miles of a large body of water, fresh or salt.”

          “One hundred fifty miles is quite a ways inland.”

          “My point exactly. We’re really quite near the coast. You gonna shut those windows?”

          “I’m indecisive, hon.”

          “I’m asking you, begging you. Close those windows. My head’s splitting, Mother.”

          “Well, Daddy, life’s hard, as the Buddha said.”

          “Don’t start the sermon on the mount!”

          “That’s Jesus, dear.”

          “I know who it is. He never got married but if he had, he’d have been crying out like he was on a cross. Father, why have they forsaken me?”

          “He might just have shut the windows himself.”

          “Yeah, you’re right so get out of my way. I’ll do it.”

          “No, we live more or less near the coast…might rain in.”

          “Bless you, Mother, I’m dead to the world here.”


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