“The Woman in Question”–flash fiction, Difficult People

The Woman in Question



          Let it be a lesson, Theron, let it be a lasting lesson. Your mother is an A Plus woman, highest standards on the domestic scene. I am writing you to say, yes, to say no, don’t marry this woman. I took that fatherly responsibility of checking on her family through certain very discreet sources of reliable information…All that you read here is confidential. The young woman in question is from a family of bankrupts, alcoholics and gambling ne’er do wells. While there is a great quantity of intelligence, wit and even in a few cases, out right brilliance (the uncle who could count cards at two games of black jack simultaneously!)…their character blood line leaves…to be polite…a great deal to be desired. There is rottenness there, son, a dissoluteness. Liars, cheats, thieves…but loyalty, see, gone missing—this woman will ultimately bring you terrific pain and hardship. The woman in question is certainly a little of all the bloodlines but son you must know when you were away in New Orleans…and she was staying with us at the River House…when your mother was down with the fever, oh my God forgive me, I had a drink, maybe one too many and I went to the room of the woman in question…and son, she took me into her bed and comforted me…she sorrowed for my worry over your mother’s recovery. I mean of course your wonderful mother drew on her inherent strength, like all the long living, stoical Grimes…and of course she did recover, but that night, son, I lay in the arms of a woman of advanced charms, a woman of corrupt experience, yes, yes, I know you’re cursing my name…but that woman has no loyalty to you, son, she’ll cheat on you again, she’ll come here and tempt us again, that Eve of the tabooed apple, son be kind, but leave her you must. Leave that evil woman; we are no match for her wiles.




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