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“Happy Valentine”–flash fiction, Difficult People

Happy Valentine



–Listen, he said, don’t push me. I’m pissed off!

–Let’s talk about it, she said.

–Fuck off! I’m sick of being fuckin’ reasonable!

–Okay, okay, let’s change the subject.

–I’m not able to forget assholes. I’m feeling homicidal.

–Whoa! Step back. You’re not blaming me?

–Now I see why they shot the messengers, he said.

–I didn’t ask to bring the news. They took advantage of me.

–Yeah, I can see you’re enjoying seeing me squirm.

–Not so, she said, okay, sure a little. You’re very handsome when you’re angry.

–What? It’s a turn on?

–Yes, frankly, she said, and it’s Love Day.

–What are you doing?

–Taking off my blouse.

–Oh my God, I’m not interested. Oh my God…

–Help me with my bra.

–No! No! I wanna be angry.

–Oh, there it goes…oh that feels better…so free!

–Jesus…oh my! Don’t come closer. I’m warning—

–Oh, that feels good. Bite my nipples gently.

–Mmmm…oh…hey, I’m smothering here…

–I thought you liked big breasts…ohhh….

–Uhmmm…yes, no…hey, I’m trying to be angry.

–Slip off my panties. Help me, baby, show me your anger.

–Dammit, you fiendish messenger, he moaned…oh oh oh…

–Now, baby, she cried, shoot that Valentine, deep, deep into my heart!




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