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“World Travelers”–flash fiction from Difficult People

World Travelers



          Mired in lovemaking, Don couldn’t see straight. His personal affairs were in disarray as he barely had time between job and seductions. Certainly he was sure that Kelly was the one…after that wedding night free-for-all party of their mutual friends Janice and Howard. What happened was more than a little boozy enthusiasm.

          Fact was Don had slept with Janice, and Kelly had been Howard’s playmate for a brief six months two summers prior. And something about the intimate knowledge of the newly weds stimulated the more than lust they saw in each others’ eyes…on the pier dance floor, Boston harbor and the lights of jets landing and taking off at Logan.

          “They’ll be leaving for the Bahamas in a few hours,” Kelly said to Don, her eyes misty and wistful.

          “I’ll take you there,” Don had said “and before we’re married…”

          She had stared at him, their hotel room overlooking the returning harbor cruise party boats.

          “I’m looking for a tropical vacation,” Kelly said and unzipped her party dress, wriggling its shiny satin shells over her hips.

          “I’m willing to go all the way,” Don had said.

          “Me too,” Kelly said and unhooked her bra.

          When Don pressed her gorgeous body into the bed, entering her with a gasp mutually expressed, the deal was sealed.

          Bahamas, Hawaii, Bali, Seychelles, and many more dream fantasy vacations, the whole world spun through their lovemaking like the planet had just recruited another primal pair of Adam & Eve swingers.


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