“Sammy’s Question”–flash fiction, Difficult People

Sammy’s Question



          “Don’t know, Sister Sarah, but I got a tremblin’ in my guts.”

          “Is it a tremblin’ pain, Sammy, or is it just a kind tremblin’ nervous like?

          “Nervous like.”

          “You been drinkin a lot at night late?”

          “Uh, yeah, a little.”

          “Cut back, Sammy, alcohol’s eating at your colon. Got your first stage spastic colon.”

          “First stage?”

          “Yeah, later the pain starts. Pain twitches, then the bleedin’ in ya stool.”

          “Uh huh.”

          “No uh huh about it. You just cut back. You drink one, maybe two drinks tonight.”

          “Sure help me relax.”

          “Course it does. I recommend it. Moderation that’s the key…and listen here…”

          “Yes ma’am, Aunt Sarah.”

          “Get off that rear-end or that porch swing at ya mama’s. I see you layin’ up there.”

          “Yes. I been restin’ a bit. Contemplatin’ my career choices. I feel I’m come to a big crossroads.”

          “Uh huh, well Sammy, you a good boy. I helped deliver you. Hard birth for ya mama. Lotta bleedin’…tore her up good.”

          “I know. I’ve heard that all my life. I’m real sorry.”
          “Weren’t your fault. You just get busy and help ya mama.”

          “Yeah, I’m thinkin’ hard on it.”

          “And remember, drink water and walk and have yourself a regular B.M., you hear?”

          “I hear.”




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