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“Big Legs”–flash fiction from Difficult People

Big Legs



          Roger was single again, second time. And when he got the final papers from Louise he went on a Casanova tear.

          First flight of the following day he talked a stewardess, Ginger, into having dinner in Tampa at the new Doubletree Hotel. They fucked half the night, and he ended the bacchanalia by eating her blonde pussy out till she screamed for relief. While she was dressing he had her again from behind and she barely made her morning flight.

          “You’ve slimed me!” Ginger laughed wiping the globs of sperm from her big thighs, licking it off her fingertips. “You’re a devil.”

          They exchanged phone numbers and email addresses…but he knew…and she probably expected it was over. They were both satisfied.

          Later the next day he picked up Wilma, a divorced woman also with big legs like Connie’s; Wilma had a broad smile, beautiful auburn hair and he wound up at her apartment in Pittsburg. They had a two-day fuck fest and he rode her in every conceivable posture. Wilma liked it on the corner of the bed in the ass, liked spanking and biting and had a great stash of marijuana. He sucked her big breasts till she was sore.

          Then they had a tiff when he called cab to go and to appease Wilma he banged her one more time against the front door while the cab idled at the curb.

          Wilma gave him cab fare. Roger was running late and on empty…but coming back to life.


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