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“Mister Charlie”–flash fiction from Difficult People

Mister Charlie



          She kept Mister Charlie in a closet…in a box in the back. When she got home from a day of work at the office, she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her dress and walked around in her bra and panties. What a bunch of morons running the world, as she flipped on the news. My god, the stupidity of it all! Time to get out Mister Charlie and have a little talk. And out he would come, out of the back of the closet, out of his box and propped on the cushion on the TV couch (although now and then Mr. Charlie was allowed other places).

          “There you are, let’s watch the news, you appreciate that little moment.”

          “Of course I do,” she heard him say.

          “Did you miss me, Mr. Charlie?”

          “Oh yes…I was very lonely without you,” he said.

          “You’re lying, but I love it,” she said.

          “Please don’t tease me.”

          “Ohhh, Mr. Charlie, don’t you wanna hear about Bob. Bob’s been talking to me a lot.”

          “Please, not Bob,” Mr. Charlie pleaded. “Let’s just watch TV, the news.”

          “No no, Mr. Charlie,” she said, clicking off the TV. “We gotta talk.”

          “No, not this,” Mr. Charlie’s hand seemed to fall across his face. “Please…”

          “Bob met me at a hotel after work. The Marriot again and blew in my ear…and…”

          “I’m begging you. I’ll do anything,” Mr. Charlie said, motioning toward the bedroom.

          “Then let’s see Mr. Charlie hustle.”



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